Exhibiting in the Bandstand Gardens in Dartmouth for the annual wonderful Craft and Arts Event

29th June 2019

Dartmouth Friends of Bridge House Children's Hospice South West

Exhibiting at Dartmouth in the main square on 29th and 30th June 2019.

I shall be exhibiting at Dartmouth in the main square on 29th and 30th June this year. This event is arranged by Dartmouth Friends of Bridge House Children’s Hospice South West and has been running for a number of years. A large number of high-quality art and craft items are on display, with demonstrations by participants, a “fun” stand for children to craft, usually music and delicious home-made refreshments available. I try to attend every year and meet a lot of returning customers. The organisers are a devoted and happy group and usually raise a large four-figure amount for the charity.

Jenny Brown -


Peacefully Afloat

Blue Haze

A Place of Beauty

Warm White Glow

Lupins in Soft Light

Wild Meadow

Peony Perfection II

Tranquil Waters painting

Is it Deep painting

Rockpooling painting

Golden Girl Chicken Painting

Winter Sunset at Hound Tor Painting

A Quiet Day in Totnes painting

Wistful Wisteria Painting

Flaming Azaleas Painting

Moorland Summer Poppies Painting

Orchid Painting

Diptych in Blue painting

Sailing Across Labrador Bay

Moonlit Sea Painting