Fete and Big Breakfast event at Bishopsteignton

22nd June 2019

Exhibiting with the group "Flying Colours" at Bishopsteignton Village Festival

22nd and 23rd June – Exhibiting with the group “Flying Colours” at the Fete and Big Breakfast event at Bishopsteignton Village Festival. The group will exhibit in The Village Community Centre and also in a marquee on the festival ground in Cockhaven Close, near the school. Details of event on Bishopsteignton website.

Jenny Brown - Foxgloves in Dancing Light


Peacefully Afloat

Blue Haze

A Place of Beauty

Warm White Glow

Lupins in Soft Light

Wild Meadow

Peony Perfection II

Tranquil Waters painting

Is it Deep painting

Rockpooling painting

Golden Girl Chicken Painting

Winter Sunset at Hound Tor Painting

A Quiet Day in Totnes painting

Wistful Wisteria Painting

Flaming Azaleas Painting

Moorland Summer Poppies Painting

Orchid Painting

Diptych in Blue painting

Sailing Across Labrador Bay

Moonlit Sea Painting