A local artist painting in large oils and watercolours.

I have always loved to draw and paint, and from an early age, remember dreaming of becoming an artist. However, my real awakening came when I was studying Art for O Level and discovered a library of books in the Art Room with wonderful illustrations of paintings by the Old Masters. At this time, I was drawn particularly to Velasquez, fascinated by his glorious depiction of light; also, The Impressionists and their use of colour. As often as possible, I would spend time in The Art Room studying these books.

When I went to work in Central London, I would take every opportunity to visit The National Gallery and other major galleries and exhibitions to ‘absorb’ the artwork on display, and I still do so whenever possible.

After a busy life in the Midlands, my husband and I moved to a small farm in Devon where we created beautiful, nature-friendly gardens, using my love of colour to fill them with plants flowing in pleasing shades and hues. which would also encourage butterflies and bees

We kept a small flock of sheep, chickens and ducks, and together ran the farm organically, providing wonderful wildlife habitat and sanctuary, and combining this with offering holiday guests a peaceful and beautiful place to stay.